When you find old writings from long back

Copied & pasted as written. Titled for context. Rediscovered along my enduring laptop journey to find my most legitimate looking resume.

Driving Through Oregon

“I’m trying to look inconspicuous while I’m writing this, which is why it’s typed. I’m using a computer. Whenever you write on a pad and paper everyone always comes over to you and asks you what you’re writing about. Doesn’t it ever occur to anyone that maybe the reason a person is writing something instead of speaking it means that they want it to be private?

This awful. I’m trying to drown the Taylor Swift my dad is playing in the car with the Led Zeppelin blasting in my iPod earphones. It’s not working. I am usually a fan of Taylor Swift but right now I just want to choke her stupid pop-tart mouth.

GOD DAMNIT TAYLOR SHUT UP. I just want to kick her in the vagina.”

When I Met A Boy I Didn’t Hate

“You clutch me in a warm embrace and you don’t let go. I never have to tell you but somehow you feel that void inside of me and fill it with love. You managed to recognize my whole being when I can barely present a fraction of myself. Every touch is healing and every look is comfort. Thank you for holding me and for giving me the sweetest little kisses on my forehead, even when all I can do is breathe.”

One Of Those Revelations

“I am so done with high school. I’ve decided I want to live the rest of my life like Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect. A free spirit, outspoken: an open-minded individual. I hate that I have spent pretty much all of my high school trying to please people instead of just being me.”

Paradox of Choice

“Robert Frost, what were you thinking when you wrote that poem. When the ink of your pen slowly seeped into that crisp white paper and you wrote what you did, you do not know what happened to me. These words:

‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.’

In the most peculiar way, they have entangled themselves around my body and suffocated my mind with questioning. Now at every fork in the road and with every choice I face, I always feel that deep compelling question: which path do I take? And Robert Frost, you always make me feel like I chose wrong. However, I am now in a new chapter of life, and this can help me with my self-doubt. I’m in a completely new city, in a setting where it seems more than common than ever to start over and reinvent myself. It is time for me to start taking my own path before I am even faced with a choice.”

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