Greetings earthlings

Hello everyone. I am back from the dead. I have returned from the infamous black hole of confusion and distrust in myself that you have undoubtedly encountered as well, assuming you are also a human. I’m referring to the space at the end of a long chute of numbness, the space you didn’t know you were arriving to until you got there. Yes, I have finally just returned from the seemingly mandatory young-adult existential crisis, and it’s rough over there. If you were wondering, the people who are still stuck at the other end of the chute told me to say hello and that they are hoping to make a trip back over here sometime soon. See, when you’re there, it’s hard to envision being over here, and even if you can do that, you still have quite a journey ahead. There’s a lot of thought detangling and self-realization that accompany a trip back here, back to this side of the chute. So seeing as I just got home, you can appreciate how tired I am feeling. I think I shall nap now, but I thought it would be best to first greet you all upon my arrival.

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