Breaking the Silence

silence doesnt always look like
a girl with her mouth taped shut

its not always being
the first female shoved out of the boston marathon
[katherine switzer]

silence is formless and lifeless
harnessed by some movements to stop others

silence is the women marching
to the heavy heartbeat of a new reality

silence is your body in dispute
built up and torn down by standards you never agreed to

subjected to regulation
taxed for maintenance as a luxury item

silence is reworking your reality
you, yourself, silencing the little voice in your head
before anyone else does
the voice that confirms this is a bad thing
the voice that stands alone.
stood alone.

silence is the necessity of using a different voice to be heard,
losing power when that voice is vocalized and not recognized.

silence, finally broken but not shattered
a hairline fracture revealing a fault running deeper than the words we see
the people we know
the stories we’ve heard

equality blossoms on the field of reciprocity
of mutual respect, empathy and understanding
to learn to listen for silence, to think beyond your scope
that is when we start to hear.

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